Ada Favaron

Master Catalogue AKV|St.Joost


Client: AKV|St.Joost
Designed with Marcello Jacopo Biffi + Daniel Quisek

section sewn
book size — 170 x 240 mm
n. of pages — 204
n. of printed copies — 500

The volume showcases graduation projects of the master programmes: Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography. The catalogue’s design concept arises from a talk had with the Headmaster of the academy at the beginning of the last semester, and it is a reflection upon the students’ past, present and future, which are respectively represented as direct questions on the cover of the catalogue: where do they come from, where are they now and what will their next step be after the graduation phase. The answers to these three inquiries can be found in the pages dedicated to each student's graduation project.
In addition to the works, the catalogue features a section containing pictures of the (still empty) future master institute, as a way of documenting the change of location as a significant moment in the history of AKV|St.Joost.