Ada Favaron

Master Catalogue AKV|St.Joost


Client: AKV|St.Joost
Designed with Giulia Bardelli + Zeynep Gürsel

section sewn
book size — 170 x 240 mm
n. of pages — 176
n. of printed copies — 400

The core element of this graduation catalogue is the architecture of the building in which the students have been working, a space without physical separations among the departments: Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography. The spatial setup has been the starting point of the editorial concept for showcasing the students' works and the structure of the Master Institute itself – the volume has been split into four parts, corresponding to each floor.
The decision to not classify the students by department, as per usual, goes along with the interdisciplinary profile the academy had been shifting towards. This direction can be witnessed by looking at the studio pictures and the graduation projects featured in the volume, showing how the artists have been benefitting by this constant mutual exchange within the walls of the institute.