Ada Favaron

Free Gaza


“Through burning, uprooting, and denying Palestinians access to olive trees, the state of Israel and Israeli settlers have vested the tree with enormous power. The olive’s steadfastness, durability, and extraordinary longevity are all acutely representative of the Palestinian struggle against Israel’s settler colonialism and its occupying regime. The olive acts as both an anchor and an archive, standing for the Palestinians by witnessing and testifying to what is no longer there.” – Irus Braverman  (link)

Illustration with hand linocut printing method. 

Prints on sale, donation based; the money collected will be sent to Watermelon Relief (link). (Note: I am not a professional printer, each print has been done by hand and therefore has its flaws and special details.)

If you want to donate, look at the prints in this folder (here) or the slideshow below, and check their availability on this Google Sheet (here).

Contact me at or on IG @afidissima.