Ada Favaron



single channel
(multiple channels for the ZK/U Openhaus screening)
16:9, color, sound, 30’09’’

“Heimat” is a short documentary that features 24 interviews collected in two months of residency program at ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Berlin).
A look from the inside at the stereotyped imagery around Berlin (what might be described as 'Berlin-style') together with the recent urban development of the city. These apparently unrelated themes are the starting point for a series of interviews with people within the creative field who have decided to move to Berlin. The intention is to understand what the city embodies for each of them, what their stories are and to comment on the most common stereotypes related to the place. 
The documentary aims to encourage a discussion on gentrification. Asking how is Berlin reacting to this phenomenon?
What is the role of foreigners and artists? Is gentrification an inevitable process for every major city?

(To watch the full documentary contact me here)

Heimat, "German" – excerpt from ada favaron on Vimeo.