Ada Favaron

Spuren des Widerstands


Workshop developed and led by: Ada Favaron, Cecilia Murgia
Assistance: Carla Montenegro

Serigraphy workshop at Willi-Graf-Gymnasium in Berlin on the topic of civil resistance during the nazi regime. 
Funded by Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand.

The thematic focus of this workshop is some lesser-known protagonists of the civil resistance against the nazi regime.
While learning how to build a serigraphy screen from scratch and experimenting with this printing method, the students were introduced to the iconography of resistance and were later ask to research and present to the class the history of each assigned resistance hero.
According to the participants’ feedback collected in its last moments, the workshop was a chance to discover and develop unordinary manual skills, make an hands-on experience with this printing technique and learn about history and symbols of civil resistance.

This workshop format is currently available for secondary schools:
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